Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Small Beginnings

I thought I was crazy for googling up the words water nausea. The concept was absurd. But I couldn't ignore how I felt after drinking water that day, and how I was the only one in the family (who had access to the same water) with the symptoms. So I pressed search, and was completely relieved to find out that I was --  normal.  Pregnant women from different parts of the world experienced it too.  For some, water nausea lasted their entire pregnancy, while others had it just for their first trimester.  I was surprised to find out how gatorade was a very popular pregnancy anti-dehydration, anti-nausea drink. I learned also that taking your water really cold would not make you nauseated, and that got me through my water nausea days.

I begin this blogging adventure with that story, also keeping in mind the million other google searches I've conducted in this information age.  The a-ha moments, the immense relief, the great ideas, the wonderful encouragements, the I- could-do-thats, the "I'm just being paranoid" realizations, the laughter, the tears, the numerous "thank-You-Lord-for-leading-me-to-this," the awesome times that God met me where I was... All these were possible because of those who took the time to record their thoughts, share their experience / expertise, and (just simply, faithfully,) write and write and write.  Thank you. You've inspired me.

Here goes...

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