Thursday, October 11, 2012


My backlog for this 31-day challenge is piling up by the day, and I can't catch up. So much has happened the last few days: cramps that had me stay in bed the whole day, friends coming over, daughter with fever, helping out with a friend's wedding, family get-togethers and 2 birthdays!  Such is life, and like I said, it sometimes gets in the way of writing about life.

I understand now why the experts say its wise to write in advance and schedule your posts ahead of time.  The thing is, I found out about this link-up on the day it was launched and didn't have time to do that. However, I'm not giving up just yet.  I'll press on and write as much as I can.  Apologies for the gaps in the series, will fill them up as soon as I have the time!

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