Monday, October 1, 2012

Within These Four Walls: 31 days of writing everyday

Someone once said it takes 21 times of doing something to turn it into a habit.

If you do that thing once every day, then it takes 21 days. 

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to put discipline into a passion that I have.  It’s something that I love doing, but I (don’t have) don’t actually make time for. The passion? Writing. My excuse? Life gets in the way of writing about life.  It’s the convenient way I’ve justified my lack of discipline, time management skills, and commitment.  The result? I’ve missed out on recording moments, being blessed by memories, sharing life lessons and good things, the sheer joy of gathering words together to form art that the heart just simply understands. 

And I don’t want to miss out anymore.

So I’m jumping right in.  I’m taking on the happy challenge to write everyday for 31 days by joining Nester’s 31 days link up.  I’ve tossed and turned last night just thinking about the topics I want to write about.  But I’ve realized that in order for this to work for me, I have to make it as simple as possible.  So I’m just going to write about everyday life, with what I have, from where I am.  I hope to see you here.

Are you writing for 31 days also? If so, I’d love to hear about it.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. "Life gets in the way of writing about life." Oh man, isn't that the truth? I love your idea of using a blog series to kickstart your writing habit. I look forward to seeing your ideas for it!

    1. Hello Jeri,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and encouraging me. This self-imposed challenge is harder than I thought it would be! But I'll stick it out and see where it takes me :) Hope to see you around!